Movie Streaming Android Apps To Watch Free Movies Online

Movie Streaming Android Apps To Watch Free Movies Online 2018

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This list of free movie streaming android apps to stream movies. we will provide you with hundreds of free streaming movies Apps. Install them on your Android smartphone or tablet and you’ll be ready to watch the free movie of your choice in just a few minutes.

Not only do these free apps allow you to watch movies, but may also allow you to watch free TV shows streaming directly from your Android smartphone. It’s a great way to catch up on your favorite shows while on the go.

Free movies that you can access from free movie apps include comedy, action, horror, drama, documentary, family, and many other types of movies. There is really something for everyone. So let’s get started with the list of all the Movie Streaming Android Apps To Watch Free Movies Online 2018.


Movie Streaming Android Apps To Watch Free Movies Online



Movie Streaming Android Apps
Movie Streaming Android Apps
  • Sony Crackle supports just about every device imaginable, including all popular mobile devices, most smart TVs, streaming players and game consoles, in addition to a standard web browser.
  • The interface is easy to use and the videos are broadcast without problems. You do not need to connect to watch movies and TV shows, but the option is available if you need it.
  • The free Viewster video application can be installed on various devices and others are under development. I was able to use the Viewster application for iPhone without any problem. It’s easy to find movies and TV shows in any genre, you can filter the language of the movies and even sort the results as you can on the official website.
  • You can also use the Viewster app to browse actors’ bio pages, watch movie trailers, and read celebrity news. It’s the 1st one in Movie Streaming android apps list.



Movie Streaming Android Apps
Movie Streaming Android Apps
  • Yidio’s free video app only works on a few devices, but it’s actually a handy app that shows you exactly where you need to go to find free movies. You can filter movies in different ways, such as by date of the premiere, MPAA rating, and genre, and even hide those you’ve seen before.
  • Another option is to filter movies by the app so you can find free movies or those available in an app you already have on your device.
  • On this note, since most movies on Yidio are not hosted on the Yidio website, you will be asked to install other applications to watch movies, such as Sony Crackle or Hulu. It comes 2nd in movie streaming android apps list.



Movie Streaming Android Apps
Movie Streaming Android Apps
  • The free movie app for SnagFilms is available on most major devices, is easy to use and allows you to share movies on social media.
  • You can scroll through the genres in the Movies section and view other movie sections on the main page.
  • It secured the 3rd spot in Android apps to stream movies online list 2018.

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Movie Streaming Android Apps
Movie Streaming Android Apps
  • Popcornflix is another free movie app that lets you watch free movies from your computer. Some featured movies are scrolling on the main page and you can browse movies by genre.
  • There is also a part of the application reserved for newcomers, the most popular films on Popcornflix and the original Popcornflix.
  • You can also add movies to a queue to collect them in one place, even without signing in to an account. Comes in 4th position in Android apps to stream movies online list 2018.


Pluto TV

Movie Streaming Android Apps
Movie Streaming Android Apps
  • Pluto TV is a versatile service that offers applications on various smart TVs and smartphones. You can use it to watch live TV and movies for free, as well as broadcast movies on demand.
  • Pluto TV’s films are available in a number of genres such as drama, action, and horror. You can also watch the most recently added popular movies and movies on Pluto TV. As Pluto TV also has live movies, you can start watching them on Channel 51, although the movies are also on other channels.
  • The Pluto TV mobile app allows you to hide channels if you prefer not to watch movies from specific sources, and view the description of the movies being played but not live. Also, it’s 5th one in Android apps to stream movies online list.

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Tubi TV

Movie Streaming Android Apps
Movie Streaming Android Apps
  • The Tubi app looks almost identical to the desktop website, but it’s so well optimized for mobile that it’s extremely easy to use. The top of the app contains the same featured movies that scroll down the site, with all sorts of different genres mixed together.
  • All the same genres and the search tool are available via the Tubi app as they are on the site, and each movie cover is large enough to see without having to tap on them.
  • When you choose a movie, you go to its description page where the release date, the duration, the rating, and the genre are listed. Covers sixth spot in Android apps to stream movies online list.



Movie Streaming Android Apps
Movie Streaming Android Apps
  • Vudu is well known for movies you can buy, but if you are used to an occasional ad, you can also watch thousands of movies for free.
  • Watching only free movies at Vudu is easy; Just open the Free page in the menu or search for movies with the FREE ADS label. From here you can browse all the free Vudu movies of those who are new this week, are the most popular or are in specific genres.
  • Something else you can do is to see all of Vudu’s free movies on their website and then search for a specific movie on the app to watch from your mobile device. It’s the last one in movie streaming android apps list.

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End of The Line

This was all in the list of best movie streaming android apps online for free. If we missed some of the best apps to watch streaming movies on Android, tell us about them in the comments.

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